TL 200R

  •  TL 200R
  •  TL 200R
  •  TL 200R

Portable phone for wired communications either from surface to n. 1 or 2 divers and from one diver to another. The unit can be powered by its internal battery pack (Ni-Mh battieries) and from an external source, as it comes equipped with a connection tail.


  • IP 68 watertight case with PVC protection panel;
  • Push-to-talk mode;
  • Separate volume control for surface unit and diver;
  • Mic compressor: constant output power;
  • 2 separate and selectable lines;
  • Low battery led indicator;
  • Communication allowed between 2 divers during diving operations;
  • Anti-interference filter to avoid radio interferences and noises;
  • External audio recording plug (RCA);
  • Headset-mic plug.